Career beyond Training

Scholars It Institute Bangladesh aims to discover IT talents and spread them over the universal territory, where the third-world countrymen are yet to reach, and we are about to attain. Unmasking the cover of profit-making, our presence is to be assured to stand to fulfill the Bangladeshi Government proposed mission of Digitalization.
To establish and glorify Bangladesh in the row of world-class IT Training maturation, we get challenged as promising to secure not only one’s IT training in excellence, rather we make ourselves responsible enough to help trainees to utilize their training properly.
The unemployment rules over the country; and the illiterates become more illiterates under the pressure of global technological excellencies. We are here to surpass this pressure where the country feels cursed about her over- population, and make these assets to learn, unlearn, and relearn, and then fit them within the universality.

The grounding of highly effective, culturally relevant and responsive trainers to serve the needs of culturally diverse youth should be central to the mission of the institute and programs of IT Exercise. We are devoted to the creation and dissemination of new knowledge and social justice by representing the country as well as one individual in worldly atmosphere.

Our Vision:

Beside the academic excellence, our vision is to emerge to improve the depth and quality of the IT knowledge of the trainees as well as we want to help them to increase professional development opportunities under the urban standardization.

Provide world-class IT based services that are unique and exceptional, our vision is to create a program that facilitates the integration of science and help the practitioners to enter in practicing their knowledge globally.

 Our Mission:

Our mission is to share a “student-first” attitude that emphasizes the interests and learning inevitable needs within a flexible approach to students’ assignments and course work. We are committed to help students connect theory to practice as well as to give chances to get scholarship to the poor, meritorious and of course, the descendants of freedom-fighters. The E.S-Club, a teacher-student club is here to give learners much wider floor to communicate directly with the experienced others as well as to demonstrate our mission much vigorously.